Get What You Want without the Overwhelm

Working towards your big dreams, desires, and visions don’t have to be overwhelming

Let’s talk about habits today.

Building and changing habits is a great big loaded topic but I thought boiling it down to its essence might set some of my readers up for success.  Ready?  Here we go!

Pick an area of life where you’d like to feel better.

  • Relationships
  • Career / Livelihood
  • Health / Wellness
  • Your creativity & passions
  • Volunteering / Society

Now, tell me, what are you doing today to feel better about that area of your life?

I know the thought of change can seem daunting or even impossible.  Where we are today is based on our habits, after all, changing habits, for as much it’s been written and talked about, is no easy task. Just the thought of it can lead us to feel overwhelmed.

Let’s take a deep breath and break it all down.

The big changes we desire don’t happen overnight.  Let’s just get that out into the open, shall we?  It takes thoughtful effort, some planning and time.  Sometimes it also takes a fire under our rear ends, and guess what, it is we who must light that match.

At the end of the day, nothing changes until we decide it’s time.  The world can be crumbling around us as we sit by and passively watch and do nothing.  Or, everything can seem fine, but what about those niggling feelings that we’re not living up to our potential, that we could feel better.

In this article, I share some keys to setting the habit change wheel into motion.  As you read, trust that anything is possible once you decide it is.

Start with the big vision.

Pick one area of life from above and get to creating a big beautiful vision about it.  Get excited!  I mean giddy excited.  Let your imagination run flippen’ wild.  Write it out, create a vision board, drawing, song, etch it in wood (any way you choose to express and capture this vision, you get the picture).

This big vision should be put front and center in your life; it can take so many forms (post-it notes, photos, quotes, etc.).  The key is to put it where you are reminded daily why you’re doing what you’re doing.  It becomes your MOFO (motivating factor), and that’s really important down the road when the initial excitement wears off.

Now, don’t stop there.  This is where lot’s of people fall off the cliff.  They have the big vision (think New Year resolutions), but the enthusiasm wanes very quickly.

Make your 90-day goals

So here, we’re already chunking it down, taking a little step back from the huge vision and asking ourselves “how far can I get in the next 3 months to get me towards that big vision?”.

Once again, write them out.  I like to enter them on a calendar and work backward.  Sharing your goals is also very helpful.  If you need accountability get an accountability partner, someone who might share a common vision or goal.  A coach can help with this too!

Now these 90-day goals might still seem too big and scary, and time flies if we don’t pay attention on a daily basis 90 days can come and go in the blink of an eye.  That brings me to the final key.

ADA – Apply Daily Action

You’ve now got your big vision and your 90-day goals.  Now, what?

Set the alarm, or reminder or send yourself a text (this is my favorite hack).  Set it for EVERY day.  It can say something like “decide the one thing you’ll do tomorrow” or “set your intentions for tomorrow.”

Program it for a time when you can take five minutes (yes, that’s all it takes, DO IT).

Mine goes off at 9 pm every night; my kids are in bed, and I’m winding down from the day.  I stop and scribble what I intend to do the next day.  Depending on what I have going on and what I can commit to, I plan that intention into my day.

Then it’s baked in, like a chocolate chip in a cookie :)

And voila, I’m working towards my 90-day goals, and by default my big beautiful vision.

Rinse and repeat.

Every. Single. Day.

I love helping people with realizing their big beautiful visions!  I’m also an expert in overcoming overwhelm.

Do you have a system for working towards your dreams and visions? Do you have any hacks you love that help you?  I’d love to hear them. Share in the comments below.

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